Support Coordination

Everyone’s situation is unique. Depending on where you are in your journey with the NDIS, Karri will help explain what services would be most suitable and available. She can help build the team of people and support services around you, in line with your wishes and the plan budget. She will navigate NDIS administration requirements, problem solve with you, monitor budget allocation and the effectiveness of your supports. Karri will help build your capability to understand your plan, find your way around the NDIS services and maximise positive outcomes.

You, as the participant will always have the final say in the decision-making, allowing you to have both choice and control over your personalised NDIS plan. Karri’s aim is to see you empowered and thriving.

Support may include:


  • Help with navigating the NDIS
  • Help you understand your plan
  • Connect you with community supports and daily assistance such as support workers
  • Help in accessing therapy
  • Linking you with local community services
  • Building your capacity to be more independent
  • Preparing for unexpected events
  • NDIS review process support
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The Onboarding Process

  1. A free 15-minute phone call with you to discuss where you are in your journey with the NDIS and what your needs are.
  2. After your formal consent is given, you will forward a copy of your NDIS plan.
  3. Karri will send you a service agreement to formalise the engagement and schedule the first meeting.
  4. The initial consultation will take place with you and your family, plan nominee or support team. During this meeting, Karri will listen to your needs, personal goals, strengths, any concerns or challenges you may have and go through the plan. She will help make a plan of action that provides the assistance and support you need and are funded for.


Karri will get to know you and build connection and trust. You can expect her to be consistent and reliable as your Support Coordinator.

Recovery Coaching

Karri can support you with your recovery journey.

With Diplomas in Counselling and in Community Services, and Certificate IV in Mental Health, Karri will empower you with a non-judgemental and strengths-based approach to work towards your goals and support you to thrive in your life.

Recovery Coaching Can:


  • Assist with the coordination of supports
  • Ensure you have choice and control
  • Listen to you and your family, support team and plan nominee
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Work with you towards the positive outcomes of your goals

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